Ifor Williams Trailers worked with the doctors at Corwen Family Practice to design and build a bespoke mobile clinic that’s now parked outside the town’s health centre in Green Lane. To ensure there is no cross-contamination, the insulated clinic has two different entrances – one for the patient and one for the doctor.

On the doctor’s side there is a clean room where the PPE is stored and an internal door to the clinic where the patient can be assessed safely by the GP wearing protective gear.

The trailer company has also made a special ramp to ensure full and easy access for people with disabilities. In between consultations, all areas of the mobile clinic are disinfected with a chlorine-based detergent and ventilated for an hour so it’s safe for the next patient.

Ifor Williams Trailers used their popular Business Inabox model as the base for the ground-breaking clinic, other versions of the trailer are already being put to a huge variety of uses by companies, including mobile shops, barbershops, workshops, bars along with catering and exhibition units.

Practice manager Julie Rose revealed there had already been a great deal of interest in the mobile clinic from other GP practices. She said: “It’s perfect and I’m really hoping it will take off because it’s brilliant. “Ifor Williams Trailers have been fabulous in the way that they have responded. “We’ve been to the factory twice and they’ve done everything to our specification. We’ve seen it being built from the chassis up. “We sent them our logo and they have wrapped the trailer. In fact, they’ve done everything that we’ve asked them to do in a professional manner.