Ifor Williams are located in rural North Wales, they have grown up in the agricultural community, employing local people with farming links. Their understanding of the industry allows us to deliver the highest quality products and contribute to the protection of this precious way of life.

Take a look at any of the features of the Ifor Williams livestock trailers. You’ll find that practically, safety and reliability are paramount to their design.


From the smallest Ifor Williams P6e to the largest 14” tri axle, Ifor Willaims Trailers have something to meet the demands of most livestock farmers. From sheep and pigs to heifers and prize bulls we have the trailer for the job. Our renowned EasyLoad sheep deck system habe never been bettered by the competition making Ifor Williams livestock trailers the leader in the UK.

Built to last

The galvanized steel chassis and drawbar offer unbeatable corrosion protection. Couple this with the high strength, impact-resistant aluminium side panels, these trailers will often outlast the vehicles that tow them. The distinctive steel roof channels on braked models give a strong and rigid frame. The flooring on these trailers comprises of thick pressure treated timber planking protection by 2mm thick slip resistant aluminium treadplate.

Stability when towing

All Ifor Williams braked trailers feature the exclusive Ifor Williams beam axle and leaf spring suspension system which has been developed and refined for a safe and stable ride. Similar systems are widely used on commercial vehicles where performance under load is essential. Renowned for its durability and ease of maintenance the Ifor Williams beam axle system contributes significantly to the low depreciation of our trailers.