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Towing Lessons in Sussex

Are your staff licenced to tow or are they in need of a towing refresher lesson?

Universal Trailers now does B+E licence and towing refresher training!

Who needs B+E Training?

Drivers who have passed their test since 1st if January 1997 will only have category B and not have Category B+E on their licence. Category B+E allows you to tow trailers up to 3500kg whereas drivers with only category B on their licence can only tow trailers of up to 3500kg if accompanied by a driver who already holds category B+E on their licence. Drivers with only category B on their licence are only legally allowed to tow when the trailer and vehicle combination does not exceed 3500kgs and the weight of the trailer is less than the vehicle.

B+E Training:

First assessment held is to evaluate the individuals’ confidence and level of training required. All lessons will train the individual to the standard of their B+E car & trailer DSA driving test. 
Training will cover health & safety, relevant basic towing in law, pre-towing inspection routine, hitching up & un-hitching, reversing and manoeuvring.

Refresher Lesson:

A refresher lesson on towing is dedicated to raising your confidence in the art of reversing and manoeuvring your trailer. 
If the individual already holds a B+E licence but cannot get the knack of reversing, hitching on and un-hitching or lacks in confidence with towing and manoeuvring your trailer then a refresher lesson is just for you.


Please call for prices

If any individual is currently towing without B+E on their licence, is likely to be towing in the near future or is just in need of a refresher lesson in towing, then book in with our instructor on 01403 782862 or email us at chris@universal-trailers.co.uk.

Download the 'B+E Licence Explained' information sheet

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